Photographs & Digital Paintings



Quality Matters

I take great pride creating excellent exhibition-quality fine art prints on both paper and canvas.  Bright white 100% cotton rag, exhibition mat paper, and exhibition, mat canvases are printed with Ultrachrome pigment inks on an Epson 9800 printer.  

Prints are priced per the size of paper upon which they are printed regardless of the size of the image. Unless ordered otherwise, each print will have a white paper margin between the printed area (image) and the edge of the paper.  11" x 14" thru 20" x 24" size paper will have, between the image and the edge of the paper, at least a 1" white border on its left, right and top sides, and at least 1.5" on the lower side. Larger prints will have at least a 2" white border on the left, right and top sides, 2.5" on the lower side. Should you want your print to display differently, please specify when placing your order.

Ordering Information 

To place an order, please contact me directly and I will personally work with you. Once details have been finalized, payment can be made via PayPal, which accepts major credit cards.  Checks are also accepted, payable to Spreadbury, Inc.  Shipping expense and applicable taxes are additional. 

Once payment has been received, your image will be printed, titled, signed, packaged and sent to the address you provide via First Class Mail or UPS.  Please allow twelve business days for regular delivery within the United States, eighteen business days for overseas venues.   


The long side of the paper an image is printed on determines its price.  Example:  a 24 inch (horizontal) size print of the image illustrated on this page would have a vertical size of 12.5 inches.  The price for this 24" by 12.5" exhibition print would be $230. 

             ~ Long side up to  ~           ~ Price ~

                             14"                            $ 100.00

                             20"                            $ 155.00

                             24"                            $ 230.00

                             30"                            $ 330.00

                             36"                            $ 396.00

                             40"                            $ 550.00

                           (inquire about larger sizes)

Uncoated exhibition canvas prints are priced the same. Coating a canvas print does increase its price, but the protection provided justifies its cost.