Photographs & Digital Paintings


Kids playing on a dirt road in Egype

Beginning . . .

I caught the bug when I was 12. While nervously waiting for a dentist, I searched for a distraction. Among the magazines lying about was a National Geographic. Its cover photo of elephants captured my attention. The first story was about African natives. What followed were additional fascinating stories about other cultures we share the earth with. The more I read, the more I wanted to become a photographer; travel the world; photograph cultures, lifestyles, and  environments.

Hot air balloon flying to the Valley of the Kings

William Spreadbury Photographer

Magazines and books, especially those with photographs of other lifestyles, became regular reading.  Study of photography in college was followed by several successful projects, one of which was photographing hot air balloons for U. S. National Hot Air Balloon Championship publications. While doing so, I enjoyed my first hot air balloon ride. Before that flight ended I decided to become a pilot. Shortly after earning my commercial pilot rating, I began seeking opportunities where I could enjoy both my passions: to pilot hot air balloons and photograph as much of my experiences doing so as possible.

Sunset over the Jordan Valley

Adventures . . .

One cold, winter morning I received a phone call that provided me my first opportunity to do just that: to fly a hot air balloon in Kenya. I well remember getting to know African cultures that I had only read about as a boy in National Geographic publications.  As for elephants, lions, zebras - animals most only see in zoos - just meters from the tent I lived in! 

Ballooning Kenya's Maisa Mara game park was followed by three decades flying passengers about colorful, exotic venues in North Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Australia, Europe and America.

Gypsy directing his puppet playing rock and roll music on a bridge in Paris.

Presentation . . .

I am happy to present for your viewing a selection of the photographs I captured during my travels.  Exhibition quality fine art prints of images presented within my Photographs and Digital Paintings Galleries are available for purchase.

I do hope my current and future photographs and digital paintings will help inspire your interests to travel, explore, meet, and enjoy quality time with many of the cultures we share this planet with.